TUBelina Bathtub Project

A concept for an unconventional personal whirlpool bathtub submitted to POOLSPA 2008 competition, designed in collaboration with Magdalena Tybor.

While thinking of innovation in personal bathing as highlighted in the competition brief, we tended to imagine taking a bath as a bit unreal, natural and fairy tale like experience. When diving in this child daydreaming world, somehow naturally, we envisioned taking a bath in ...a leaf. Like Thumbelina we shrunk to the inch size, metamorphosed into the micro-dimension and dove in the morning dew.

The TUBelina, as we named our leaf-tub, is a freestanding object made of acrylic. Being difficult to match a corresponding tap, we proposed a solution integrated within the shape of the tub so the tap becomes the stem of the leaf. Water flow is regulated by moving the stem-handle up and down; temperature is regulated by rotating the handle left and right, just like in conventional mixer taps.

Competition entry TUBelina visualisations Original tap design Nenufar — a compatible side table